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Mobiskin - Style Your Mobilegs Crutches

Mobiskin - Style Your Mobilegs Crutches

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  • Make your Mobilegs your own.
  • Easy application.
  • Highly durable.
  • Wear your Mobilegs with style.
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  • When to use Mobilegs

    • Whenever you are likely to need crutches for longer than a few days.
    • Recovering from an injury or a surgery.
    • For chronic issues with mobility.
    • You are between 4’9” to 6’4” tall, and weigh less than 300lbs.
  • Fitting

    1. Locate left and right-handed Mobilegs.
    2. Locate the two sets of squeezable adjustment buttons, at the top and bottom of your Mobilegs. 

    Set arm length. 

    1. Hold onto grip. 
    2. Place saddle snug underarm, keeping shoulders relaxed.
    3. Arm comfortably bent at a slight 15-30 degree angle. 
    4. Squeezing the buttons on the top of the crutch, adjust the height to fit until there is a half-inch space between your armpit and the saddle.  

    Set leg length.

    Squeezing the buttons on the bottom of the crutch, adjust lower section to 6” in front of toe when leg is straight in standing position. 

    Confirm final fit.

    You should be able to put weight on your hands, with a slight 15-30 degree angle in your elbows. The height of the underarm saddle should sit just below your armpit.