Remember the Christmas Carol? Remember Tiny Tim, and the crutch he used? How it was hard and wooden and unforgiving? Since then, medicine has been through many revolutions. But the crutch is stuck in 1830. The general design prescribed most often today still has that same basic danger – nerve damage to the hands and armpits, wrist pain, tripping and slipping. 

But now, Mobilegs is here. A crutch that’s designed ergonomically, around the human body.

Man wearing leg cast using Mobilegs Ultra crutches.

A guided tour of Mobilegs.

NO: A hard, unforgiving chunk of metal digging into your armpit.

YES: A flexible saddle on top of a pivoting, tilting, forgiving mount. That is also easy to grasp between your arm and body.

NO: A flat, severe bar attacking the palm of your hand.

YES: A form-fitted, angled handgrip that spreads the load evenly and away from pressure points.

NO: Un-adjustable form.

YES: Adjustable not just once but twice.

NO: Straight, unyielding lines that do not adjust to your body.

YES: A contoured shape to make room to swing your hips, and to help prevent you from tripping.

NO: Heavy.

YES: Lightweight. Mobilegs weigh just 2 lbs per crutch.

NO: Flat, clumsy feet.

YES: Curved feet to improve gait and traction.

Woman wearing pink workout clothes stretching

Movement is good for you.

Nobody dreams about one day using crutches. Not even ones as sleek and efficient as Mobilegs.

But if you have to use a crutch, whether temporarily or long-term, the idea is to get you moving and keep you moving, as easily and comfortably as possible.

It helps in your recovery from surgery. It improves your long term health. And it makes day-to-day life more enjoyable. Simple as that.

Portrait of Jeff Weber

The accident that started the movement.

When industrial designer Jeff Weber suffered a serious foot injury, it only took him a day on traditional crutches to realize something was very wrong.

His wrists were sore, the palms of his hands were tingling and numb, and his armpits kept jamming against the rigid aluminum frame.

As a person who specializes in ergonomic, high performance office furniture, Jeff knew a thing or two about designing around the needs of the human body.

So he set about creating what became Mobilegs. And thousands of physicians, surgeons, athletes, soldiers, movie stars and everyday people are moving more because of it.