Do no harm.

As you know, the most commonly prescribed industry crutch has remained unchanged for decades. Though utilitarian, the design is rigid, not ergonomic, and you may even have seen secondary injury among some patients.

Mobilegs crutches are ergonomically designed to create better outcomes for your patients. With unique formed and angled handgrips, cushioning and pivoting armpit saddles, curved shafts and rounded feet, Mobilegs are truly designed around the human body.

In good company.

Mobilegs are recommended by some of the top physical therapists and surgeons in the country, including The Steadman Clinic.

They are also the choice for the most demanding and valuable athletes, including Dak Prescott, Aaron Rodgers, Russell Westbrook, Barry Bonds and Ricky Rubio.

“Mobilegs are upgradeable, comfortable to use, and have generated referrals to our clinic. The decision to adopt Mobilegs was a no-brainer for my practice.” 

— Dr. Charles Selby, MD 

Let's get your patients moving.

We work with top clinics and sports medicine organizations. If you would like to learn more about bringing Mobilegs in to your practice, contact our Healthcare Service Team.